Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three days in the lush, tropical Peruvian...desert?!

So, maybe I'm just hopelessly uninformed, but when we entered Peru, I did not expect 1000 straight miles of windy, arid, lifeless desert. Just south of Mancora that's exactly what we found...
 We rode for about five hours at a...moderate pace, and found ourselves in a strange room, in Chiclayo...
 We headed out the next day, eager to find an end to the desert. We didn't.

The aftermath of another extremely windy day in the desert. I guess it wasn't THAT combustible.

 I feel the desert is best represented by a few stark images and even fewer words; at one point our communication radio batteries went out and we later discussed the very troubling, lonely two hours we spent without talking.


  1. What are the structures in the photo below the one of the overturned truck? Are they shanties or something for animals?

  2. Jack - There were random groups of these shacks throughout the desert, and because they were human size, I can only guess that people lived in them. The strangest part was that many of them had Peruvian flags as their only decoration, which was ironic in the poorest, most underdeveloped region we've encountered on our entire trip.

  3. It's Ty, but I'm posting as "anonymous" because somehow I've lost the priviledge of commenting on my own blog. The wonders of google...