Sunday, July 17, 2011

R & R in Granada, Nicaragua, and Youtube!

 Hey, I've added a new feature to the blog! Jill has been taking some short videos as we ride along, so I started a Youtube page where you can see them-

We have many more, so I'll be uploading and linking them as time and internet connection speed allows.

We last left off in Granada, with Jill feeling a bit under the weather. After about 24 hours of bed rest, and a pretty thorough clearing out of her system, she is back on her feet and we are ready to head off to the beach at San Juan del Sur. It would be a stretch to say we really did anything in Granada, but we ate some great food and had a few nice walks around. Here are some pictures of the two days we spent here before Jill got sick...
Outside the hostel. Note the sidewalk; every sidewalk in town is tiled instead of paved...pretty cool.

The restored cathedral
The un-restored cathedral

Volcanic rock walkways looked as old as the city

Beware of dog!

Wings and beers, classed up a bit

The nice cathedral at night
Planning our next move!

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  1. Great photos! Glad to hear Jill is feeling better.